About Collins

A Towing Legacy

When Collins invented the first 'self-loading dolly' in 1972 we revolutionized the towing industry. 

In that little workshop over four decades ago, it was never imagined that a tiny, two-man operation would launch the change of an entire industry worldwide with the Collins Hi-Speed® Dolly.

The Hi-Speed® Dolly is the safest, lightest and most-advanced self-loading (SL) dolly ever designed.

Collins brought yet another innovative and original product to the towing industry in 1991: The Self-Loading Dolly Mount -- SLDM. For the first time, dollies were lowered and lifted by something other than a to operator's aching back.

Shortly following the introduction of the SLDM came the Parallel-Motion Dolly Mount -- PMDM. This compact, articulating dolly mount was a collaborated effort of original ideas that were a cross of mechanical skills and creative thinking.

The first 8-inch aluminum wheel and hub also came from Collins. Like other Collins products, no one had ever tried it before.

Catering to the needs of tow operators and owners we're committed to creating and delivering products to make your work safer and better.