Vehicle without wheels on tow truck wheel lift and Collins Hi-Speed dollies being towed using Collins Tow Cradles


Collins Tow Cradles
Car no wheels on Collins Hi-Speed dolly and wheel lift with Collins Tow Cradles

The Aluminum Dolly Tow Cradle weighs only 5 lbs.

Compact & lightweight, Collins Tow Cradles are a welcome addition to the tool arsenal of any wrecker or car carrier for the occasional job that requires towing vehicles without tires and wheels.

Dolly Tow Cradles fit all Collins Hi-Speed® Dollies as well as imitators' dollies.

Sometimes the best ideas come from professionals who tell themselves, “there’s got to be a better way!” Such is the case with Tow Solutions teaming up with Collins to introduce the Patent Pending Hi-Speed ®Tow Cradle for both dollies and wheel lifts.

Car missing wheel on Collins Tow Cradles with tow truck wheel lift
Collins Tow Cradles on Wheel Lift
Car missing wheel on Collins Tow Cradle and Collins Hi-Speed Dolly
Collins Tow Cradles on Collins Hi-Speed® Dolly
Set of Collins Tow Cradles for towing vehicles without wheels
Additional Parts
Ramps for Collins Carrier Dolly
Ratchet Tie Down straps for Dolly
Ratchet Tie Down straps for Carrier Dolly