The damage-free solution to loading Carriers: Rolling, instead of dragging vehicles up flatbeds


Perfect for vehicles with low ground clearance or nowhere to hook. Vehicle simply rides the dolly.


Collins' Patented design allows for damage-free towing at its best ever!
No hooks, chains, or cables ever touch the vehicle. Winch force on dollies only.


Hybrids, Electric, High-End vehicles, All-Wheel Drives, or vehicles with No Hook Points.


Collins Carrier Dolly doubles as Motorcycle Dolly! Same equipment, multiple uses.


Carrier Dolly Introduction Video


Telescopic Carrier Dolly body to adjust for vehicle tire size and ease installation. Self-Loading mechanics to quickly and easily raise vehicle off the ground.

Vehicle Safe

No towing forces on the vehicle. Tow hook attaches to Carrier Dolly instead of vehicle for pulling up onto carrier flatbed. No need to look for or install hook up points.


Carrier Dollies compatible with Collins Tow Cradles for vehicles without wheels.

2-Wheel Set

4-Wheel Set

  • High-Tensile Strength Aircraft-Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • 4,000 lb. Capacity per Dolly Pair
  • Dolly weight: 25 lbs.
  • 64-inch Aluminum Tow Bar
  • X-inch Ground Elevation
  • Wheel material
  • Ratchet Strap Rating
  • 24" Bed Ramps
  • Complete Set Weight: 75 lbs.

Each Set Includes:

- Aluminum Carrier Mini Dolly (2 or 4)

- Aluminum Tow Bar

- Mini Pry Bar - Zinc-Plated

- Bed Ramps

- Tie-Down Straps (2 or 4)

- Motorcycle Hook Adapter - Anodized Aluminum

Quick Start Instructions:
  1. Adjust dolly length and place under vehicle’s tires until snug before replacing locking pin
  2. With pry bar in axle pocket, rotate until dolly and vehicle lift off the ground. Repeat on all sides of Carrier Dolly

  3. Attach and tighten ratchet tie-down straps to dolly axles and vehicle tires

  4. Hook tow bar centered to front of both carrier dollies

  5. Attach winch cable tow hook to front of tow bar without cable slack

  6. If using a single set of dollies, vehicle will need to be in neutral for winching

  7. Place bed ramps in line with dollies against carrier bed and ready for winching

  8. Secure vehicle to bed as usual with vehicle still on dollies

*For full instructions including unloading, details, safety recommendations and motorcycle loading, please see Carrier Dolly manual here


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