tower using dollies to tow vehicle
Collins Hi Speed Dolly zinc
Tow truck equipment: Collins Hi Speed Dolly side frame 4.80 x 8 tires, with aluminum wheels and aluminum hubs

Weighing only 54 lbs. with a payload capacity almost 60x its weight (3040 lbs. up to 4280 lbs.*)

Towing safety equipment: Safety ratchets on Collins Hi Speed Dollies raise vehicle in steps for safer and easier loading

Safety Ratchets prevent accidents, allow mobility in tight spaces and better leverage on snow, ice, gravel & slopes - more safe options in difficult situations. Safety First!

Collins Hi Speed Dollies with serviceabe and replacment parts

Serviceability has never been easier–replace components on the spot!

Parts are conveniently distinguished by gold tone for quick identification and easy replacement.

Detailed view of Collins Hi Speed Dolly zinc plated with aluminum wheel and aluminum hub

State of the art engineering with the first 8 x 3.75 aluminum mag wheel and matching slotted aluminum hub.


Hi-Speed® Dolly Instructional Video

Zinc Plating

Collins dual-tone zinc plating comes standard with the SLZ Hi-Speed® Dolly as a durable anti-corrosion finish to weather the most severe conditions.

Aluminum Wheel & Hub

The wheel reinvented: Collins Diamond-Cut Polished Aluminum Wheel and matching slotted Hub allows dynamic air flow through the openings, meaning hubs and bearings last even longer while reducing overall dolly weight.

Prime Mover

Collins Dollies are a prime mover - you can safely tow vehicles on the dollies for miles. Grease points keep the Hi-Speed® Dolly lubricated under many tows for longer periods of time. 

  • Dolly Weight (per side): 54 lbs. (4.80 x 8) & 60 lbs. (5.70 x 8)

  • Static Payload Capacity: up to 4280 lbs. (using 5.70 x 8 tires) & 3040 lbs. (4.80 x 8 tires)

*Caution - moving forces increase load on dollies. Plan accordingly, use tie-down straps and drive safely.

  • Lift Clearance (measured from dolly): 7-inches (4.80); 9.5-inches (5.70)

  • Tire Pressure: Factory-released 60 PSI; Wheels rated up to 100 PSI

*Adjust tire pressure as needed for towing conditions

  • High Tensile Strength Steel Dolly body with Capped End Frames and Reinforced Rail Pockets

  • Safety Ratchet System

  • Safety Lock

  • Dual-colored Zinc Plating

  • CNC machined Shoulder Bolts as pivot points

  • Machined Lubrication Channels

  • 8-inch Slotted Diamond-Cut Aluminum Mag Wheels (DOT approved)

  • Matching Aluminum Hub with Central-Point Lubrication for hub bearings

  • Dynamic Ventilation System to keep hubs & wheels cooler and running longer


  • Aluminum Cross Rail, Telescoping Axle, industry’s longest: 84-inches extended (ID)/61-inches collapsed (OD), 6 hole adjustment; reversible rail pin for comfort

  • Cross Rail weight: 22 lbs. each (Aluminum); 49 lbs. each (Steel)

  • Zinc-Plated, Single Piece Cast Rail Ends

  • Square Grip, Lightweight  Aluminum Pry Bar (version for 5.70 dollies with 10-degree bend for better movement)

Quick Start Instructions:
  1. To prevent vehicle from rolling (especially on inclines), secure vehicle with wheel lift

  2. Extend Cross Rails & place underneath vehicle tire

  3. Place Dolly in front of Cross Rails

  4. Disengage Safety Lock & engage Safety Ratchet

  5. Rest Rail Ends into Dolly Pockets

  6. Insert Pry Bar into Dolly Pry Pocket & begin lifting by rotating

  7. Engage Safety Lock

  8. Once both sides are complete, use tie down straps

*Be sure that equipment is properly maintained for safe towing

*Tire speed rated up to 60mph (96km/h). Use caution and adjust speed based on road and weather conditions

Each Set Includes:

- 2 Hi-Speed® Dolly bodies

- 1 Pair Telescoping Cross Rails

- 1 Square Aluminum Pry Bar (Round Steel optional)

1974 - Second Generation:

Collins sets standards for tire sizes, quick release, adjustable cross rails

1977 - Third Generation:

Safety Ratchets System

2016 - Sixth Generation:

Internal Load Bearing Pivot Points, Dolly Body End Caps, Flush Shoulder bolts & nuts, Dual-colored Zinc Plating standard, Zinc-Plated Cast Rail Ends

1972 - World's First:

Collins creates articulating Self-Loading Dolly

2006 - Fifth Generation:

Lightest Weight, Highest Load Capacity, First & Longest Aluminum Telescoping Axle, First 8" Aluminum Wheel & Greasable Aluminum Hubs

First generation Collins self loading dolly four wheels

1986 - Fourth Generation:

Tower Safety Systems updated


2000 - Industry First:

Collins adds Greasable Hubs

1995 - Industry First:

Collins introduces Aluminum Cross Rails 

Hi-Speed® Dolly History Timeline